Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food is supposed to nourish us.

Do you ever think about why you eat what you do? Is it habit? Do you eat whatever someone else fixes for you, like McDonald's? Is the diet you follow easy and cheap? Maybe you don't think about it, just shovel in whatever is in front of you. Mindless eating like this is killing us. We feel rotten, we are irritable, we are diseased. It isn't just what we ARE eating, but what we are NOT eating. The point of eating, I think, is to nourish our bodies so that we can be healthy, function, be healthy and happy. All too often we just eat to fill up our stomachs or our emotional holes. Learn more about what foods nourish our bodies and begin to replace "bad" foods as much as possible with healthier alternatives. Do this even if it is one food per week. Every time you choose a healthy food, you don't eat something that isn't nourishing your body. Keep choosing healthy whenever you can. Every step helps. Consider whole grains and vegetables. Consider local produce because it is more likely to have retained it's nutrients. Consider organic. Consider non-processed. I say the closer it is to the original farm product, the better it is for you. It may be a bit more expensive to eat this way, but it is cheaper in the long run considering the financial and emotional health care costs you will spend eventually by eating garbage. Eventually, if enough consumers demand healthier alternatives, the cheaper they will become.

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