Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why does chicken soup taste better sometimes than others?

This may seem elementary to some of you but I have been making chicken soup with water, salt, pepper, chicken parts, celery, carrots, onion and sometimes a little parsely forever. Yet every time I make it it tastes differently. Sometimes it is great, sometimes OK and sometimes pretty bad. I have come to the conclusion that it mostly depends on the chicken! These days I use organic chicken breasts with the bone and skin, removing the skin and bone after it is cooked. This seems to make the best soup. Amish chicken appears to work as well. (If you use a mixture of dark and white meat it tastes even better but snce I am cutting fat, I don't use the dark pieces.) These chickens are not processed and are raised in a way that makes them taste better, hence the better soup. The other "secrets" are using a lot of chicken and vegetables to the amount of water. If you want more chicken soup, add more "stuff," not just more water. I cook the GF noodles, usually the spiral kind, separately and only add them to the bowl when serving. They basically dissolve if you leave them in the liquid. Try using whole grain brown rice or quinoa noodles for added nutrition and fiber. Brown and wild rice make good additions instead of noodles as well. Good homemade chicken soup is one of the foods I call "a love pat for your tummy."

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