Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where to find credible information.

It is easy to get on line and search for information as you know. The problem with medical info on line though, is that it is not always accurate. I have seen some really bad information out there that my patients and others read and believe. This can be really dangerous when it comes to your health. Where gluten intolerance is concerned, specifically Celiac Disease, I am still stunned by the number of professionals, even gastroenterologists, who done't really know much about the disease! Registered dieticians often are not up to date on the diet and give out incorrect information making it even harder to follow the diet. One of the best ways to get information is to join a gluten free support group in your area. You may be able to find one by searching on line. Many of the Whole Food's stores have monthly meetings. You might want to ask at your local health food store if they know of one. Of course, not all the info will be accurate, but you will get an insider's view on the disease and diet and recipes. Who better to hear about these things than fellow gluten free followers? One source I can recommend on line is This is the National Institute for Health's site. You can search for just about anything there and feel reasonably sure that the info is accurate. Other GF websites are and Reading accurate information will make living with your gluten intolerance a lot easier.

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