Friday, June 18, 2010

Tappas American Style

I actually call this "picnic dinner" although I am not sure why. Tappas American Style sounds much more accurate. It is plates of small portions of multiple foods. American style though. So there is no recipe--just recommendations. I have a large serving tray and on it I arrange plates of my absolute favorite finger foods ready to grab and eat in very small portions. I have a protien plate with gourmet salami, fan folded organic turkey breast, cheeses, deviled eggs, etc. On another plate I have veggies--carrot and celery sticks, snow pea pods from my garden, sliced heirloom tomatoes, gourmet olives, artichoke hearts, and sometimes seasonal fruits like cherries, kiwi, apple slices. The last part is the carb plate--GF of course. Crackers, breads, breadsticks,rolls (chebe is great!), pitas or chips. It is an especially good thing to serve when you are low on food because you haven't shopped in a while.....just pick out whatever you have on hand that you love to eat or go pick up a few extra goodies to add to the collection. This has become one of our favorite meals. Wonderful in front of the TV, a roaring fire, outside on the deck or on a blanket on the grass. I have a great glass of wine with it and follow up with some dark chocolate for dessert. Yum.

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